How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp [ With Examples]

Good to know that you are crushing on someone. I know that you are here because you want to learn how to start a conversation with your crush on whatsapp. Many people don’t make use of social media to get their crush attention. Happy you want to use this platform, it is cool. You can be chatting with your crush while you are doing other work – multi task.

How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp

If you have been finding it difficult  to start a conversation with your crush, I got your back. Sometimes to initiate discussion with your crush is hard because every of your move is filled with emotion.

Whatsapp can be used as a medium to get closer to your crush. This article is written with the aim for you to learn how to start a conversation with your crush. Maybe you have tried it before but failed, don’t worry I have a strategy that have been proven to work.

Most times, we end up thinking about what we will text our crush. If I send the message will he or she might get angry. At the end of the day, you will not even send a text.

The good news is that this article is not like others. After learning how to text your crush, you will see screenshot of examples that I practiced below.

Learn how to impress your crush using text message or through social network chat.

How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp To Get His/Her Attention

Follow the process below to start a conversation with your crush on whatsapp. This same method can be applied to other social networks

Greetings That Triggers Reply, Don’t Say Only “HI”

I know you will be wondering of what to say, when I said don’t say Hi only. Say Hi in a way that it is captivating, that will push your crush to reply fast. Saying Hello and Hi is okay but not when you are engaging your crush fairly. In greeting you are trying to get the person’s attention or to notice you.

Here is the killing tips to Greet your crush when chatting with him or her

Say Hi with a question mark like “HI?” – I bet you this will trigger reply. Your crush will read the message as soon as it pops up.

Say Hi with smiley or emojis. Try to add fun face, kiss or love emojis.

Use GIFs to say HI, this can generate curiosity and trigger a fast reply.

You can use a voice note to say HI, try make it fun and cool. Your crush will hesitate to reply.

With any of the above method you can get a fast reply. Note that your aim is to get a demanding reply.

How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp is not hard. Use the above greeting method to start the discussion.

Be Original And Inventive

Though is hard to be original when chatting but in this case try to be unique and creative. They might be many people chatting with her. The only this that makes different is your creativity. Avoid silent moment or playing with short messages like Lol, ok, nice etc. This makes a chat bored and your crush might easily lose interest.

How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp

Now you have initiated the chat or discussion. Use the opportunity to study your crush. Try to know what and kind of things he or she likes. Now, try get those things she hate and avoid saying them when chatting with her.

Ask Questions ( Open – Ended Questions are Allowed )

Now if you hope to capture your crush this part is important. Don’t focus on asking questions that require simple answer “YES or NO”. This might turn the conversation to a questionnaire, thereby defeating your aim.

You are getting in touch with your crush to know him or her better. Perhaps, if there is a privilege you can share you feelings. If that is your aim, then ask open ended questions.

Ask Questions that requires long talk answers. Questions that will dig deep into their minds for you to explore. If you ask these questions, he or she will always question you in turn. Ask Questions that will lead to long response or result to other questions.

Example: How was your day? What have you achieved for the week? What’s your educational status?     – How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp Explained.

Be Yourself ( Unique )

When you are chatting with your crush, please be original and focus to do the right thing. Don’t rush things, if your crush discovers that you are faking things. He or she will not give you attention again. For this reason you need to be unique, be original and Be creative in texting avoid asking repeated questions.

Make Use Of Emoticons

If you want to Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp, then make use of emoticons (emojis). Emoticons helps to convey your intentions and body behavior since is not a face to face conversation.

Whatsapp has many emoticons (emojis), utilize them and get an unending conversation with your crush. Please don’t send only an emoji to your crush, you can attach it to a written text.

Example: I had similar problem with that shit and it was scary (emoji that shows scary face).
Make the right use of emoticons and have a warm conversation with your crush.

Play Cool And Don’t Be Wired

If your aim is to learn How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp. Then this part is really important, play cool and don’t be wired.
What do I mean, overuse of something can result to bad effect. When you make too much use of a particular word or a pattern of chat. Like adding emojis to all your text can be irritating. Avoid constant reply of words like lol or hahaha. Your aim is to get close to your crush. Make things look natural as possible. Go for chat that will dig deep and make her free to express his or herself.

Asking too much questions can make your crush to be wired. Don’t make the conversation a questionnaire rather add little joke. Talk about movies, hobby, education and life (standard of living). With this you will get to know what annoys your crush.

Laughing Techniques

If you need the guidelines on How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp, Charming laughter will not be left out. As you make your crush laugh, also laugh to what you found funny that he or she said.

Don’t be that bone face guy, make your face tweak to laughter. But dear crushers don’t over do this.

Make your crush laugh, especially when you are starting the conversation. Use funny meme, comedy videos or pictures to make them laugh. Try to talk about things that happened before that can make you guys laugh. This will help change your crush mood to hear you out. Sometimes, your crush might have had a bad day but with your laughing techniques you will change her bad mood.

Go Emotional Sometimes

“Ooooh this is hard” I know you are thinking about that. I know that 98% of people reading this article wants their crush to fall in love with them. Send your crush love messages once in a while, please don’t go deep.

Here is example of the message I sent to my crush on Valentine day

“I built high fence walls
Walls higher than the walls of Jericho
Walls protecting my heart from love
Yet, your smile fell them down driving love to hold my heart.

Sooner than I expected
 Your name became the poem I recite and your voice my favorite melody.

I can’t pretend anymore
Your name have become the title of the stories I tell my inner self.

Thought of you have been included in my daily schedule
What makes it so different is the smooth feeling that leaves a smile on my face.

Happy Valentine dear. “

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Compliment Your Crush

Here is important, if you want to enjoy your conversation with your crush. Show them that you care, compliment then even for their least achievement.

Compliment them for their look, what they wore, their character, and personality. Anything that needs to be complemented, do compliment them. This will show them that you care, just be positive and genuine about it. Remember play it cool.

How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp made easy

Be Intimate (Make Use of Your Crush Name Where Possible)

Use your crush name where you can. This will help increase your level of closeness. It will show this level of no fear in you. Chatting with your crush using his or her name will help increase the level of intimacy.

When starting your conversation with your crush. Instead of you typing only HI, try use their name like ” Hello Joy or Hello Joyce”. This will show things in a formal way, and might result to quick response.

Another cool practice is with personal questions. But note all the points above, don’t be wired. Fashion all your  questions at the appropriate time. Endeavor not to fill the chat with questions, is too bad. Get this right and you wouldn’t have a problem on  How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp.

Message Your Crush Regularly

Add it to your daily schedule to message your crush once a day. Don’t wait for your crush to message you first, hell no. Send the a message no matter how busy that your day is. By doing this, you have placed a priority on them. Your crush will discover this and appreciate it.

Avoid sending repeated messages to your crush. When you message them, if for any reason that they did not reply, pause and do other things. Tag it that they are busy, don’t continue pouring in messages, this can be annoying and eventually get your crush angry.

Share Things With Your Crush

I know you are wondering of what to share with your crush. Don’t worry I will tell you, share selfie with your crush. If you are not photogenic, try to be.  Send them your daily selfie with good caption.

Share photos with your crush, photos you took during the weekend. Beautiful environ or pictures you took at the beach or during summer break. This might result to an interesting conversation.

Share hobbies with your crush. Hobbies that will lead to discovering common interest. By sharing hobbies you will get to know each other better. How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp with examples, keep reading….

Share Love Quotes And Emotional Quotes

Share love quotes with your crush, send them simple love messages. Don’t be surprise that one day he or she will reciprocate.

Don’t forget sharing of beautiful love pictures and inspirational pictures is  allowed.

Use Video/Voice Call

Now you see reasons why you need to learn How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp. Whatsapp has cool features that you can utilize to get your crush close to you.

Once you are comfortable with you crush, then you can start with voice call. Please, i don’t advice this at the beginning of conversation or early days. Because this can ruin your plan and push you to say hard I know.

I believe that now you are a bit close to your crush. Try to start with voice call, with time you can move to video call. Now when on call, make use of the above tips.

Try to be Naughty And Tease Your Crush

Here try to be kidding, make sure your crush knows that you are kidding. Unless this will land you to a serious problem, avoid this in the first week of chat.

You can give your crush a silly name. Make use of it when you are texting, add a wink emoji to it.

Find an appropriate way to make your crush excited. Try to be naughty dear, catch some fun with her.

Create Memorable Goodbye

Here I want to emphasize most, it is very important. No matter how long that you guys chat, if you didn’t create a memorable goodbye, you have lost everything. Don’t allow your conversation to end up in a quarrel or anger way.

You can end the chat with a love quote. Make your last word be in a grand style that will get her thinking. It can be a lovely write-up or quotes, make use of emojis (kiss, hug, or love) to show you reaction. If it is night, wish them wonderful night rest that will make them think till they fall asleep.

If you can sing song, make a cool love song with her name. You need to be creative and do your best. Guide to Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp.

EXAMPLE: I used this to end chat with my crush.. You can copy and edit it.

“I know this morning you will wake up with a smile on your face.
Yeah you should, I love it.
Can you smile, I can feel it from here. Am smiling now, don’t ask me why.  I have no reason, but I got something to tell you… not today.

Good morning Dear. “

How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp Explained

I hope you have gotten the ways To Start A Conversation With Your Crush On Whatsapp. Don’t waste time. Go and practice what you have learnt.

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