10+ Letter To The Bride On Her Wedding Day From Bridesmaid

Actually my sister pushed me to research on letter to the bride on her wedding day from bridesmaid.

letter to the bride on her wedding day from bridesmaid

“You are quote and relationship blogger, now give me idea I want to write to my friend (the bride) and am the chief Bridesmaid” she said.

The fact is that when she said that I had no idea of what she will write on. I made out time to research and come up with something interesting that I will share with you today. You are free to edit (add or remove) any of the letter ideas I will share with you.

Ok, I have got some awesome ideas. What that matters most when writing a letter to the bride as the bridesmaidis your relationship with the person and her personal behavior. Yeah, you have to know inito order to avoid using ill words (words that she is not ok with).

Let’s get started with heart touching Letter to the Bride on Her Wedding Day

Amazing Letter To The Bride On Her Wedding Day From Bridesmaid


Dear Gift (Her Name)

Hello best friend is a privilege to be a part of your life and share your day with you, I must confess am happy and grateful.  Good to know you have taken a step to move into the next level of life. The journey will soon start and am happy to part of the historical day.

I know our friendship will taken different dimension but am not bothered because your husband will become your priority. Today I had the opportunity to reflect about our friendship before writing this letter to you. You have been a true friend. You have showed me your love, care and affection even when I don’t deserve it. I remember how you influenced my life for good.

You impact still remains. I know am not losing you because we will still be in touch. You are great, one in a million, still wondering if I will get a friend like you to share beautiful moments together.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share your day with you. Best of all,


letter to the bride on her wedding day from bridesmaid


Dear Sweetheart

Yeah, you are doing it! You day is finally here. I can’t wait to see you march to the altar. So much joy in my heart that you are getting married to the girl you always dream of. Nice to see you move into the next level of life.

Cheer to you, am happy to see you as the bride of the day with me by your side as the Bridesmaid. Hope you are getting ready to dance because it will be full of fun.
On this day, I want to thank you for been there for me. You stood for me and we fought together. You have been a true friend; I appreciate for all you have done for me. I will miss you so much.

Let me the first to say, Happy married life.

Doreen (Your name)

Heart Melting Letter To The Bride On Her Wedding Day From Bridesmaid


Dear Beloved

Am happy because is your day and the great honor you have given me to share it with you. Glad to know you found the man of your dream. The fact is that I can’t believe you are leaving. I will miss the beautiful moment we spent together.

No one to share my ice cream, no one to party with, no one to go to the beach with, no to tell me how ugly and good I am. No more early morning selfie together.
I will miss you so much but I can’t wait to be called aunt.

letter to the bride on her wedding day from bridesmaid


Dear Honey

Today is a special day for you. Good to see you in the wedding groom. I just want to confess how I have enjoyed your company. You really taught me what a true friend is. You dinned with me in tears and joy. You gave me every reason I should fall in love with you am glad I did.

I want to you to have fun because you deserve it more and more. Big thanks for giving me the opportunity to be by your side on this great day.

I advise you to give your man the best. Treat him like a baby and shower him the love he deserves. Guide you home, don’t allow breakers to penetrate.

I will miss you so much.


Sarah John

Message To A Friend On Her Wedding Day

Here are letter to the bride on her wedding day from bridesmaid, make their day special with the following paragraphs.


Dear Love,

After much thinking and crying I decided to write this letter to you. I know you are half happy like me. All is for good, glad to know your man of your dream found you. Sad to hear you will be leaving me. Sad to know we wouldn’t party together.

Sad to know that you wouldn’t party with me again. Don’t tell me you are really sad because I am not.

Finally, you charmed him to the altar. I can’t wait to carry your baby and to be called aunty.

I am most grateful for the privilege to share this day with you. Great improvement no more friendship anniversary but wedding anniversary. I will soon join you.
I will miss you, love you more.

Final Word on Letter To The Bride On Her Wedding Day From Bridesmaid

I hope the above letter ideas have helped. Many time you want to write something lovely or nice but lack words that is the reason, I have decide to put up this letter ideas to help you.
Make the day special for her by writing a special not for her.

Are you still finding it difficult to write or do you need personalized Letter? Contact me I can help you for just few penny. Trust me it will be awesome. 
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