20+ Emotional Love Messages For Boyfriend

You are here because you are searching for emotional love messages for boyfriend. Sometimes you may feel so emotional about your boyfriend that words can’t express.

emotional love messages for boyfriend

In similar manner you want to show how much value and enjoy his company. The fact is that most times we feel emotional we lack words to express ourselves. All you can think about is heart touching messages that will make him know that you really care.

This blog post got your back when such feeling pops up. Emotional love messages for boyfriend can also serve as heart touching love messages for boyfriend . find the one that best suit your mode, then copy, paste and send to him.

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Text message is one of the good ways to express unspoken words. With romantic love messages for him you can prove that you love him.  Here today I have sweet, romantic, lovely, heart touching and emotional love messages for him.

Emotional Love Messages For Boyfriend [Heart Touching Messages For Lover]

The following are best powerful emotional text messages for your lover, copy and paste for him:
Your light makes my life bright in every possible way. Even a thousand sun cannot shine brighter than your smile.
I am in love with your goodness, innocence and righteousness….in my eyes you are a supreme human being…who can never be unjustful, selfish or treacherous….a rare gem that God has gifted to me…. i love your soul…. may you live this beautiful forever…..
You occupy my mind. You are always in my heart; I pray we dwell in each other’s heart. Let our heart and love grow and mature together as one.  The joy and light that shines in my heart is more than that of sun all because of your care.

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Some many times I want to keep my heart away from you, guess what it escapes and get back to you. My heart will always be with you for forever. Emotional love messages for boyfriend
From the very day I met you, I always think about you. I haven’t spent a single day without you running on my mind. You are in my heart and in my mind every time.
Right in your arms I feel good. The way you hold me, makes it the perfect hiding place for me. I can leave without the rest of the world because right in your arms I found peace.
When the world was against me, I was nobody going nowhere. My life was lifeless, but I found you and you made me feel like the luckiest girl on earth. All I need is your love, keep showing them to me. I LOVE YOU

emotional love messages for boyfriend

Long Emotional Love Messages For Boyfriend

I never imagined having you in my life. Now I have done the unimaginable thing. I promise to do everything possible for use to be together always. Me and you forever
Yesterday I had a dream; where am with you with for the rest of my life. I woke up and discover you are part of my life. I promise to always love you.
I remembered the last time we spent together. The way you held my hand tight; I had a feeling that know what that happens we will not let each other go.

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I have seen the wonders of creation, I have met so many guys but I have not seen any cute and handsome like you. You are God’s divine gift to me. Emotional love messages for boyfriend
I wake up every morning thanking the almighty God for the precious gift that he has given me. With you in my life every morning is a beautiful morning. Do you know why? I love you more than myself.
I might not be the perfect girlfriend for you. My heart beat wants you, with you there is love and peace. I love you sweetie.

emotional love messages for boyfriend

Powerful Emotional Text Messages

My heart is the garden and I have you as the most beautiful flower in it. I promise to always water and take care of you. Stay with me till the world ends.
I hope that’s love and an illusion. You are not a wizard but you have charmed me. From the moment I met you all about me changed. You are my heart bearer.
If it will take me to die a million times to be with you forever. I will prefer to die a trillion times just for you. Me and you till eternity.
You are the sweetest of the beginning of a never ending story. You are the king and I am the queen of the coast in the story. Let’s keep building our empire baby.
My love for you is unending no matter how hard life becomes I will sticky to you forever. I bless the day we crossed our path. Emotional love messages for boyfriend

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You have blessed my life with so many beautiful moments; since the day I met you all my bitterness are gone. Let’s keep on loving each other.
Sometimes I wonder what I give in return for the unconditional love you show me all the time. You are the only one that occupies my mind.
You came into my life and created a different world where is only me and you that exist. Things have been different from the very day I said yes to you. You raised the bond of happiness in me. You are truly the kind of man I want. Thanks for allowing me into your life.
emotional love messages for boyfriend
Emotional Love Messages For Boyfriend

Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend

People believe that true love happens once in life but to me it happens every day, every moment. Don’t wonder because you are the one that brings in the feeling. I LOVE YOU MORE
It is my mind that always thinks of you. My heart beat always thanks to your breath. It is not my eye that wants to see you. Life is worthless without you. I belong to you.
I don’t want the money, I don’t want gold, I don’t want diamonds, I don’t want the world, I don’t want the skies, all I want is you with you I found all. You worth all to me, I LOVE YOU.

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The really definition of life is you. The sweetest dream is the one with you. My life is full of happiness just because of you.  Long Emotional love messages for boyfriend.
Hello my heart bearer; do you know you are the only reason for my sadness and the only person to make me happy. I promise to love and care for you till my last breath. Never leave me my happiness.
Am asked to make a request. My only demand is “YOU”; please promise me that you will always hold my hands forever. Each day I fight and pray that no other girl will take you away from me. My love I need you badly.

Emotional Love Messages For Boyfriend

More Emotional love messages for boyfriend

If there is eternity to spend, it is with you. If there is life to live is with you. I live like a queen, act like a princess because of your love to me. You the reason for living, I love you.
Words can’t express how I love you even simple words “I love you”. Nothing can be compared to how much I love you. I love you more than I love myself.
Yesterday you were mine, tomorrow you will be mine, and today you are mine. You are my precious gift and my asset. I will hold you tight forever. Emotional love messages for boyfriend
I don’t talk to other guys. Don’t talk to any other girl. Everything about you drives me crazy. I can’t share you with any other girl. I love you a lot BABY

My love for you has no measure. Any scale know to man can’t measure it. I love you beyond measure.
With you in my world, I have no problem. You are the sunshine that brightens my world. I desire only you, and I love you with all my heart.
Since the day I love you, I brought perfection into my life. Choosing you is the best decision I have made in life. I can’t afford to lose you.

 Deep Love Messages For Him

Am addicted to you; thinking about you turns to be my daily routine. Am captivated by your intelligence. You occupy special place in my heart. Please don’t hurt.
Your smile is my sunrise and your kiss is my sunset. Thanks for been my best friend. I LOVE YOU BABY
I pray that you see the love am sending to you. I want you to feel the love as I love you. As days goes by, my love for you increases. I love you my special friend.

You are the only one I love in this world. I feel the love on my lips. I as I speak to you I love. Am crazy and mad about you, I think about you all the time
Every night before I sleep; I think about you. Thank the almighty for you. I wonder how much you love me; now I realize why you never gave up on me. I will be by your side forever.

Emotional Love Messages For Boyfriend

Final Words On Emotional Love Messages For Boyfriend

I believe that you have found a suitable Emotional Love Messages For Boyfriend that you will copy and paste for him. Show your boyfriend how much you love and care for him through text messages. Send him SMS be it emotional text messages, heart touching messages for him, funny things to text to a guy or goodnight message.

This will make him know and understand how much you truly care and care for him. It will go a long way to grow, boost and rekindle your relationship.

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