50+ Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

Are you in a long distance relationship? Maybe is time to celebrate a year, month or weeks of been together. I have taken my time to write down best anniversary letter for boyfriend long distance relationship, pick the one you like and send to him.

Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

During the time of anniversary celebration is actually the time to tell your partner how much you have been enjoying his company. Most times many girl will like to write down that love letter for boyfriend long distance relationship but will lack long distance relationship letter ideas for anniversary celebration.

It does not take much to celebrate an anniversary; with couple of heart touching love letters you can make the day special. Anniversary always remind of the very day you guys crossed each other’s path. You that you boyfriend is distance away from you. You have special opportunity to strengthen and enjoy your relationship. Always send him heart touching messages for boyfriend.


Why is it Important to Celebrate Anniversary In A Relationship
Celebrating anniversary in a relationship is of great importance. The following are key reasons why you should celebrate anniversary in every relationship you are in:
·        It strengthens your relationship with your partner and shows him that you really care.
·        Even though thing are not perfect but staying together deserves a celebration
·        It is a chance to connect again especially in long distance relationship.
·        It is time to reflect both on the good and tough days.
 Now you have seen the reasons why you should celebrate anniversaries. You have seen that is of great importance for you in a long distance relationship to celebrate it.

Heart Touching Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

The following are list of anniversary letter to boyfriend examples. You can copy any of the messages and send to her.

Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

Hello Baby;
We can be few miles apart, but distance can’t celebrate our hearts. I think about you every day; smiles fill my face because of the love you are showering to me. Your love makes me feel that you are always beside me.It have been (mention the anniversary year e.g one month, 2 months or even a year) 2 years now. Happy anniversary to the most caring man on earth, am still living in the memories that we shared together. Your true love (your name)

Sweetheart,From the first day I set my eye on you, I began to love you. Ooh finally you can close to me and we are together as one. From the very moment I saw you. I knew that I have found someone to spend the rest of my life with.Happy anniversary; hope you have not forgotten. It has been long and awesome just because of your care. Today I pray that nothing will set us apart. I miss you.From Your Baby Girl

Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

Do you remember this day, when you walked up to me and said “ hello young lady, can I talk to you”. I felt awesome and lucky because I can’t imagine cute and handsome guy like you walking up to me.Should I surprise you? I have been crushing on you wishing the very day you will say Hello. From that day my life has been different. Thanks for having me in your life.Happy anniversary; let’s make tonight special.
Me and your forever

My heart Bearer,
I miss the way that you hold me and kiss me. I miss your warmth and your soft touches. Only you have the key to my distress; your kisses keep me warm. You comfort me when I feel low. You are the reason that I stand each day to face my problems.Happy anniversary; I really miss you sweetie. Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

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The morning sun woke me up. The day brightness reminds me how special today is. Do you still remember what happened this day in the year (put the year that you met him e.g 2003 March).You have been there for me proving you love thousand times. Happy anniversary, I love you to the moon.

Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship


Many people have said that we will get lost in a week, month, year but today we are proving them wrong. I will always love you in any situation. My love for you is unconditional. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

Good morning My Love,

Hope you had a wonderful night. Do you know we have been together for a year (enter the period of anniversary you are celebrating)? It have been awesome. Keep showering the love.Happy anniversary, Me and You forever. Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

You saw me through during my darkest nights, you should by me when no one was there. You brought laughter and joy into my life for the past months we have spent together. 

Happy anniversary beloved, Thanks for been mine.

Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

Final Words On first anniversary message for long distance relationship Boyfriend

Like I said before that celebrating anniversary is of great important. It helps a lot, most times it result to rekindling of the first love you guys had. As a girl don’t wait for your boyfriend that you are in long distance relationship with send you the message first.
Sending any of the above Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship will not make that very day special and different. But it will let your partner know that you really care about him. This will differentiate you from other guys around him or he has dated.

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